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Unique Party Idea for Lincolnshire!

We are a professional photography company and experienced party animals that have combined our skills to give you a unique party idea for Lincolnshire girls aged from 8 years old.


Whether 8, 11, 13, super sweet 16 – everyone will fully enjoy the experience and will have something special at the end of the party to mark the occasion forever. All guests gets a photo to take home, with the rest of the images being put on their own personal, password protected website so that they can share their experience with their family . They can look through their photos at any time and, if  they  want ,  buy prints at very reasonable prices.  Photos can either be natural lifestyle shots, or glossy studio style – the choice is yours!

Unique party idea for Lincolnshire girls

Be a model for an evening? Teenage girls (particularly), enjoy the experience of a professional photo shoot in a studio setting with all the changes of clothes they want, set to music of their choice with a group of friends to strut their stuff and share the fun with. Todays teens have great ideas of images that might work well.

We love to explore their ideas whilst guiding with the key posing techniques used by the models and celebrities of their favourite tv shows and magazines to create stunning images that all will enjoy.

A chance to chat about airbrushing and body image and perhaps even show how it works on those annoying teenage skin outbreaks to ensure every child will get an image they can be proud of. Each “model” will get the chance to have some individual portraits as well as fun shots with all the models together.


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